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What my clients have to say… 

I’ve known Dan for about three years when we started doing rehab on my knees in preparation for a big ski trip. Once they were sorted we’ve moved onto some strength training and lifestyle improvements, and as a result I am probably stronger than I was when I played rugby over 20 years ago! Health and well-being is such an important part of having a happy life and successful business and that’s to Dan’s help, I am managing both and looking to roll out a programme with my business at Ellandi.

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  • Certified Rehab Trainer 

  • Certified nutritional specialist

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

Specialisation Areas

  • Shoulder, Spine, Hip & Knee Rehabilitation 

  •  Body Composition, Photo Shoot & Competition Prep 

  •  Strength, Conditioning & Sport Specific Training



  • Successfully worked with a professional rugby player from immobile to game ready

  • Worked with a client to lose over 70lbs 

  • 10 years industry experience working both domestic and internationally