City Athletic Fat Loss Workshop – 15th Feb – Greg Smith

City Athletic Fat Loss Workshop – 15th Feb – Greg Smith




This fast-paced, interactive workshop is designed to help you gain a better understanding of the fundamental training and nutrition principles that underpin a successful Fat Loss program. You’ll get credible, up-to-date trust worthy information that will help both lose weight in the short term and keep it off in the long term. Importantly, during the 60 minute workshop you will learn;


  • Why weight training should form the cornerstone of your fat loss program.
  • How to incorporate both H.I.I.T and Cardio into your routine for greater results.
  • How to set up an effective, sustainable diet that works around your lifestyle and not against it.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of common diets to ensure you stay on track.
  • And much, much more…


The workshop will take place on Wednesday 15th February in the upstairs studio above the gym. The workshop is Free to attend and will be limited to 15 people only. To register your place on the workshop email me directly at


For many people starting out losing weight can be a confusing and frustrating experience and it’s the exact reason why Personal Trainers like me exist. My job is to help you identify the habits and behaviours that are holding you back and then provide you with structured, progressive training and nutrition plans that helps you achieve the exact result you are looking for. Combined with a healthy dose of accountability, and of course one to one training, it’s the perfect combination to help ensure you reach your goals – not matter how large or small they might be. Attending the Free Fat Loss workshop will give you a direct insight into the approach that I use with my clients that allows them to achieve incredible results in as little as two hours a week. So if you’re concerned about your weight and the effects it’s having on your health (or appearance) book on to the workshop today and find out how I can help you balance losing weight with a hectic work, family and social life!


Greg Smith


About Me


As a former junior National Athletics Champion and Semi-Professional Footballer, I discovered my passion for weight training whilst studying Sports and Exercise Science at University. As a freelance Personal Trainer at London’s premier training studio, I champion the success of my clients through a no-nonsense science based approach to training and nutrition. While working with some of the most prominent figures in the Square Mile, I have developed a training philosophy that produces dramatic changes in body composition as well as health. I have an unbridled passion for health and fitness that spills over into everything I do and I am not one to simply talk the talk. I inspire my clients most by being dedicated to my own training. With a combined total (Bench Press, Deadlift and Squat) of 660kg I am pushing myself and my clients to achieve new goals every day. To Lean more about me visit




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Mon- Fri 6.30am-9pm
Saturday- 10am-6pm
Excluding Bank Holidays

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City Athletic @ Sweatshop
6 Trump Street, London EC2V 8AF
020 7710 9231